Environmental Specialist/Housekeeper (FT) - Sanford Aberdeen

Company Name:
Sanford Health
Job Description
Full-time. 80 hours per 2 week pay period. Hours are between 7:00am-11:30pm including weekends and holidays.
The Environmental Specialist is responsible for total cleanliness of the assigned work area. The Environmental Specialist will operate a computer on routine basis for room condition maintenance. Specific assignments include cleaning patient rooms, offices, washing draperies and windows. Housekeeping procedures will be established for all areas of the facility in accordance with the State Department of Health under section 44:04:02:05. The Environmental Specialist will also be responsible for stocking linen in patient rooms and keeping clean linen cart to par levels as required by nursing staff. Flexibility and willingness to assist coworkers in team approach is of paramount importance.
Must be able to work with growth and development needs of unique client populations. (Refer to Self Assessment Checklist for specific age groups.)
When students are providing patient care, treatment, and/or services as a part of their training, any/all employees may be asked to supervise the students.
Job Location
Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States
Position Type
Shift Description : 8 hour shift
The position requires work during : Evenings, Holidays, Weekends, Days

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